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"This album is brimming with imagination, passion, grit, and fun, and governed by a fundamentally good sense of how to fit together these splendid individual talents. There is, of course, a strong traditional Irish component to Reverie Road’s sound, but other influences and interests are evident, including French, Shetland and chamber music, among others. Horan and Grennan are often the quartet’s linchpins, in unison or in harmony, whether playing the melody....or giving rhythm or providing textures and ambience." - Sean Smith, Boston Irish 2024 

"The playing here is virtuosic, lifted by largely fiddle-forward clean-line modern arranging designed to showcase her dynamic, expressive playing.  Grennan flexes her musical muscle here not only on fiddle, but on banjo, mandolin, and tin whistle...Grennan is a tremendous fiddle player and “Far Away” is a powerful reminder of her ability.  She seems to have a firm finger on the pulse of what attracts today’s listeners, making this an album that's easy to enjoy from start to finish."

Irish Echo, by Dan Neely (June 2022)

"Winifred writes: 'Delighted to be playing again with my dear friend from our early Solas days, John Williams on accordion, and whistles.The mighty Utsav Lal on piano and the stunning Katie Grennan on fiddles with me. We have been creating new music and are currently working on a new album. I am so utterly happy to be feeling the music flow through my body and soul again.'"

-Press Herald, June 2022

"Far Away is an uplifting “anytime” album to keep “close at hand” for dancing or relaxing."

-Irish Music Magazine, by Anita Locke (August 2022)

"Pittsburgh Irish Festival to feature Pine native Katie Grennan"

- Pittsburgh Tribune Review, June 2021

"The show features telegenic Irish fiddler Katie Grennan, from the electrifying Irish band “Gaelic Storm”, as host, visiting local Irish pubs, playing traditional Irish music with other Irish musicians, and offering some brief history on each pub."

-On "Our Irish Pub" (PBS Show 2017-2022) 

"The band’s one current female member, Katie Grennan, from Pittsburgh, a town with a large, culturally-robust Irish population,...provided a powerful fiddle and female harmonies for the ensemble. “She’s also a good person and has made a great addition to the band,” Lacey said.

-VeerMag (June 2019) 

"Looking to the future, Gaelic Storm is excited about what lies ahead.  They’re busy in the studio finishing a new recorded project, while balancing a calendar full of shows.  Fiddle player Katie Grennan has added another layer of musicianship to the group since joining 5 years ago. Bagpiper Pete Purvis said, “With the addition of Katie, the band has never sounded better, we’re gelling on a whole new level, and the idea of sharing these new songs with our fans is exciting!”

-Gaelic Storm

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